locked Re: PC Panadapter using G90 I/Q output.

Robert L. Paris Sr.

Hi Ceil Moore,

    I have the Xiegu G90 and an External Sound Card Dongle connected to my Toshiba Windows 10 Notebook. I am most interested in getting the spectrum scope and water fall displayed on my Toshiba Notebook lager screen.

    Could I download and install the SDR# Sharp software. Then connect the Xiegu G90 to my dongle sound card via a stereo patch cable from the I/Q port on the back of the Xiegu 90 and pick chose the right things on the SDR# software and get an “instant PC Pandapter” using the Xiegu G90? And would that display a spectrum or band scope and water fall on the General Class Phone portion of 40 and 20 Meters HF? I not really interested in the FT8 or digital signals displayed.

   What selections should I make on the SDR# software for input from the Xiegu G90 to the sound card dongle? What did you use for settings?

    Thanks for the interesting post on the message group!

73 Bob Sr.




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Today, I plugged a stereo cable into the G90 I/Q output and into a USB sound card dongle, launched SDR# and bingo - instant panadapter. I took a look at the FT8 signals on 14.074 MHz, USB. Here's what I saw:

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